On the ground floor: Entirley arranged kitchen with adjacently large
entertainment space where you can eat together, play some games, table football/soccer,watch t.v,...

On the first floor:

Wide chambers for maximum 24 persons

  • 3 rooms for 2 pers. with double bed
  • 4 rooms for 4 pers ( 1 doble bed and 1 battery bed)
  •  4 separate showers with only washbasin
  • 1 wide bathroom with double washbasin
  • 4 separated toilets
  • 3 little beds for kids

When it rains there is a stable where you can play darts, ping-pong,..You are there always alone with your family of friends.

There is a closed inner court (approximately 100,00m²) with a jumpingcastle for the children. And an enclosed garden with pergola and there is a possibility to barbecue playing kub or pétanque.

In good weather you can swim in the pond (about 2,5m deep).

Free wifi

There’s a possibility for breakfast buffet:

For the price of the breakfast please contact us.

You can also place an order in the bakery, he will deliver in the morning.

Bakery Lemahieu ( spar)

Ieperstraat 15

8647 reninge


Order it before 17.00 h.